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Copake Country Club Advertisment Packages

Every year Copake Country Club opens its doors early in spring to kick off the upcoming golf season.  Residents, retirees, second home owners and a variety of vacationers stop by for a round of golf and bite to eat at The Greens restaurant.  We experience over 15,000 rounds of golf a season between public play, memberships, leagues, and large outings.  Copake Country Club has decided to allow the public to advertise at our course and restaurant in a variety of ways.  Below please see the package options and annual pricing details for each variety of package.


Golf Cart Sponsor:  $1250

Copake Country Club’s cart fleet is 50+ carts strong year-round.  Due to its undulated topography, most of the golfers purchase a cart to use for their round.  Inside each cart, facing the drivers, is a laminated space for a 5” by 7” sponsor ad.  The ad will remain in place for public play, leagues and outings; putting your ad in front of thousands.  Cart sponsors also get a standard yardage book and TV ad for free, a total $1950 value for just $1250


Scorecard Sponsor:  $600

Copake Country Club’s Scorecard is a must take when heading out for a round of golf.  Whether it’s the leagues, outings, or weekly golfers, the score card is a helpful info tool used by all. Not only does it help you keep score, but it lists rules, has the hole maps, and course indicators.  We offer sponsors the chance to purchase one of six 1.75” by 3.75” ad spaces.  We also place them in The Greens restaurant and bar as well as handing them out at local golf expos to expose your ad to a crowd that doesn’t always come into the Pro Shop.  Scorecard sponsors also get the opportunity to purchase the Yardage Book ads for half off ($250) or premium spots for 25% off.  A Pro Shop TV ad will be included in the purchase of the scorecard ad ($200 Value).


Yardage Book Sponsor:  Standard Space $500 or Premium Space $750

Coming in 2019, Copake Country Club will now be designing and selling ad space in its complimentary yardage book.  Like the scorecard, this is a very helpful tool to manage your play around the course, especially for newcomers.  Copake Country Club gives out these books in the Pro Shop, The Greens restaurant as well as handing them out at local golf shows to expose your ad to a large variety of potential customers.  A standard space is any of the individual holes or facility write up pages, premium ad space is on the center course map, either front or back space on the book scorecard, and the back cover of the book.  Yardage book sponsors will be able to buy a second ad spot for $250 or a year-long tv ad for just $100.


Pro Shop TV Sponsor: $200

Everyone who tees it up at Copake Country Club must go to the front counter to check in before they go out.  This is your chance to get an ad in front of them from the beginning of the round.  We feature a TV that displays a constant slide show of a variety of advertisements for 10 seconds each.  The golf season from open to close lasts at 200+ days a season, get your ad shown every day for less than a dollar a day!


Please email with any questions regarding advertisements and pricing.  Yardage book and scorecard payments and graphics must be submitted by January 1st of the year in which they will be printed to ensure the product arrives by the beginning of the season.

Thank You