John Kading, PGA Associate

Head Golf Professional 

Since everyone is different, no two golf swings are the same. Every golfer's swing has specific strengths and weaknesses. In order for my instruction to be most effective, I take into consideration your body type, learning style, overall skill level, and goals. From the average golfer, to the plus handicap golfer, my teaching style and philosophy are the same. I find the greatest strength of your golf swing to build around, and identify and change the biggest weakness in your swing. To help you improve your game and lower your scores, I address all aspects of the game which includes; the full swing, short game, putting, practice routines, course management and the mental aspect of the game. From my personal expierence, I am confident that you will see progress and results in your first lesson

                         LESSON RATES: 

                    Member Pricing:                 Guest Pricing:

1 Lesson             $100                                       $120

3 Lessons           $270                                       $330

5 Lessons           $450                                      $550